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Knowledge-Driven Solutions in Healthcare

DinetiX Health was launched in 2017 to address the challenges of the data explosion in medicine and our inability to link what we now understand about the human body with our increasing awareness of environment and action and how they define health.

DinetiX was founded on the decades of experience of our supporting partners and their leadership in the areas of data analytics across national health systems, seminal research and development in biochemistry as well as clinical services in the fields of lab medicine, hematology and imaging.

DinetiX brings its services to the market through knowledge-based application solutions that provide facilities and providers with the ability to better understand their patient populations -- and to more effectively manage their clinical encounters. Along with our focus on clinical information, we provide one of the strongest levels of antibiotic resistance surveillance programs in the world today to help ensure your facilities are being monitored in this new era of deadly pathogens. 

All of the solutions of DinetiX are driven by the use of data banks and AI algorithms, whether looking at the predictive questions of a patient's health to the challenges of identifying genetic fingerprints. 

Our Core Science

Our scientific and development staff includes professionals from the leading academic centers in the UK and the US, have demonstrated leadership in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, genetics and clinical laboratories and finally are committed to the DinetiX vision of transform health through knowledge.  
Blending machine learning with complex data banks focused on biology and encounter data, the DinetiX team is committed to bring its patient, physician and health system users with the highest quality data and analytic solutions. DinetiX also maintains a long-term biobanking facility to help our patients understand how their genetics may have changed over time -- or to understand whether they could benefit from newly discovered therapeutic programs.
All of the data we manage is controlled by the highest level of security and never shared outside our customer's networks.

Physicians Who Care

By the analysis of many data sources, such as individual patient records, laboratory results, radiology images, genetic testing as well as air pollution levels and other external data sources, we can identify links and relationships to disease and health that are simply not possible to identify using conventional medical record approaches. This can dramatically assist in allowing patients and their doctors to make the correct treatment choices. It can also have a profound impact on public health and monitoring programs for medical facilities.

Our initial programs address two of the biggest problems in healthcare today:

  1. Multi-resistant hospital acquired infection, where we run infection control and monitoring programs for health facilities, including latest genetic testing of organisms to rapidly identify emerging risk.
  2. Advanced feedback and reporting to physicians and facilities, including real time reporting, to reduce medical errors and unnecessary complications associated with surgery  


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DinetiX is looking for strong clinical and provider partners in the markets of the Middle East, Europe, Russia, and across Asia. While we are currently launching our new solutions through China, our systems can be aligned with providers in almost any market to raise the bar on what they can bring to their patients and to increase the knowledge their patients have of their health.  
Ship us a note and let us know your interests and how we can connect with you.  

Dr Andrew Parkes

DinetiX Health